Not every web site is just a design, some times it is required to build an application that will be used by the users all over the internet which is called web application. We develop web applications as per client requirement using technologies that suite client’s needs.

Web development is a process which should be handled by a team which consists of best quality developers, system analysts, domain experts and graphic designers. We have a team which makes it possible to convert almost ay idea of the client to a smooth, flawless and usr friendly web application.

While developing a web application, we take care that it should be robust to handle maximum no. of requests from remote users. It should be secure enough to protect the owner’s data and there should be no passthough for an unauthorized user to access system level data or functions which may be harmful to the application integrity and client’s trust.

We use standard and easy to use technologies those are accepted worldwide, this makes your web application portable anywhere related to it’s platform. Before your application is launched, we perform several set of QA tests carried out by experts in that field which ensures the quality and speed of the application to remain at the top than it’s competitiors.

We develop web applications Or browser based applications which are also called as browser based software using following technologies:

JAVA, JSP, Struts, PHP, MySQL, Apache Tomcat

We can develop any web application as per your requirements. Following are few applications / modules

  •     Matrimony portal
  •     Web site Content Management System
  •     Real estate portal
  •     Shopping Cart
  •     Jobs portal
  •     E learning application
  •     CRM application
  •     Project Management tool
  •     Online Inventory and billing system
  •     POS system
  •     Payment gateway integration
  •     Google maps integration
  •     Support Ticket System


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