Web has become the largest platform to reach out large no. of people. This has been possible majorly because of the Social Networking Websites  and Blogs etc which is known as Social Media. People visit  these sites, either form their own group or join the one they like and share each others’ opinions about various subjects related to the group interest / subject.

Social Media has became popular because it’s the platform where one can share own opinions with all like minded people. This helps a lot in understanding about a product or service which one wants to buy but doesn’t know about it’s actual quality results or outputs etc. Social Media has became a popular and perfect platform for the content generated by user. On these social media websites, people mostly record their opinions honestly. This has became a popular platform for promoting a website, product or service. Over the period websites like Facebook, Twitter and many blogs have been appreciated by people at large from all over the world. These websites have became a gateway to promote your website therefore Professional SEO experts  are using these websites to add credibility to your website , increase the web presence of website.

Following are the key points considered while optimizing your website for social media.

Online reputation

For any business to achieve success, it’s reputation plays a vital role. This applied to online business / website as well.  As web media is virtual media, it’s highly to important to keep your website reputation in order to increase the popularity and visibility of the website.

Quality content

Quality is a key towards successful business. Using right keywords in appropriate amount makes your content good quality.  Posts with genuine  information also make your website trustworthy. This helps to build your website’s online reputation.

Social  profiles

Adding profile / information of your website into maximum no. of Social  Networking Websites helps to increase your website’s search engine visibility.


Blogging is also one of the key points to achieve success in SMO.  It has proven that fresh and periodic updated relevant content helps your website to achieve higher ranks in SEO / SMO.


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